Clutch Industries Oregon Properties

Clutch Industries prides itself on each of our Oregon properties. We've spent the last 20 years perfecting our design and work ethic to satisfy the clients needs. With countless custom construction projects all throughout Oregon, your custom home can become a reality.


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Our Salem Locations

As the capital of Oregon, Salem is the heart of this beautiful state. Filled with mature trees and loads of green, it is known for its gorgeous scenery and outdoor activities. When it comes to finding a home to fit your style, you can't go wrong with Salem. From its charming design to its picturesque location, Salem is the perfect place to lay down your roots.

Salem, Oregon

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Keizer, Oregon

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Our Silverton Locations

Founded in 1854, Silverton is an historic town with stately homes shaded by grand, old oak trees nestled in the heart of the Willamette Valley. Our community is surrounded by fields of crops including hazelnuts, marionberries, strawberries, grass seed and irises. With its scenic beauty, rich history, charming downtown and gems of nature, it is no wonder Silverton is Oregon’s Garden City. The perfect place to grow your dreams!

Silverton, Oregon

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Our Sisters Locations

Sisters, Oregon is a wonderland of lakes, mountains and rivers, a paradise for hikers, fly fishermen, paddlers, mountain bikers, birders, skiers and horseback riders. From the sagebrush of the high desert to the magnificent forests on the flanks of the Cascades, you'll find a lifetime's worth of exploration and adventure.

Sisters, Oregon

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