Cherry City Crossing Apartments

Cherry City Crossing Apartments



Keizer, Oregon



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Cherry City Crossing represents a landmark development in Keizer, Oregon, as Clutch's inaugural venture into the mixed-use development sphere. This project was designed to harmoniously integrate residential living with commercial functionality, responding to the growing demand for versatile urban spaces.

Project Start

February 2022

Project Complete

December 2022

Project Notes

By December 2022, Cherry City Crossing Apartments received its certificate of occupancy, demonstrating Clutch's commitment to project management and timely delivery.

Strategic Importance

Cherry City Crossing Apartments reflects a strategic blend of living and business spaces within a single development. This project not only meets the demand for more housing but also boosts local commerce. The inclusion of diverse apartment configurations and commercial units in one location is particularly attractive to a broad spectrum of residents and businesses alike.


As a flagship development in Keizer, Cherry City Crossing Apartments embodies the future of urban living, where residential and commercial spaces coexist seamlessly. This project is a testament to Clutch's innovative approach and dedication to enhancing urban environments. As Clutch continues to expand its portfolio, Cherry City Crossing stands as a prominent example of their ability to transform communities through thoughtful development.

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