North Lancaster Business Park

North Lancaster Business Park



Salem, Oregon



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North Lancaster Business Park represents a pioneering venture for Clutch into the commercial industrial mix sector, strategically located in Salem, Oregon. This project involves the integration of existing industrial facilities with newly constructed commercial spaces, creating a dynamic business environment that caters to a variety of commercial needs.

Project Start

December 2018

Project Complete

July 2021

Project Notes

Project received certificate of occupancy in July 2021. The extended timeline reflects the complexity and scale of integrating diverse types of commercial and industrial spaces into a cohesive business park.

Strategic Importance

North Lancaster Business Park is a landmark project for Clutch, showcasing their capability to diversify into mixed-use developments that combine industrial and commercial applications. This project not only revitalizes the existing industrial structures but also introduces new commercial opportunities, thereby stimulating economic activity and providing essential services in the area.


As Clutch's first commercial-industrial mix project, North Lancaster Business Park sets a new benchmark for the company in multi-use developments. The park's strategic blend of industrial and commercial spaces creates a robust business ecosystem that supports a wide range of operations and services. This development not only meets the current economic needs of Salem but also positions the area for future growth and development, demonstrating Clutch's commitment to innovative and sustainable real estate solutions.

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