Pleasant View Apartments

Pleasant View Apartments



Keizer, Oregon



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In the spring of 2018, the cityscape of Keizer, Oregon, began to change with the groundbreaking of Pleasant View Apartments. This project marked a significant leap for Clutch, a developer venturing into the multi-family housing market for the first time. With its completion, Pleasant View Apartments not only transformed a plot of land but also Clutch's standing in the real estate community.

Project Start

April 2018

Project Complete

January 2019

Project Notes

The journey from groundbreaking to completion was marked by meticulous planning and efficient execution. By January 2019, just nine months after starting, Clutch celebrated the project's completion as Pleasant View Apartments received its certificate of occupancy.

Strategic Importance

Pleasant View Apartments was more than just a building project; it was a statement of growth and an indicator of future potential. As their first multi-family development, it represented a pivot towards more complex, community-oriented projects. The success of this endeavor not only enriched Clutch's portfolio but also bolstered their reputation in the competitive housing market.


For Clutch, the project is a cornerstone of their history and a foundation for future ventures in multi-family housing. Through strategic planning and robust execution, Pleasant View Apartments has become more than just a place to live — it's a vibrant community contributing to the growth and dynamism of Keizer, Oregon.

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